Data Solutions


  SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)  

Do you want to actually see your energy usage, quality performance, or productivity number from your production floor in real time? Our SCADA solutions allow our customers to visualize the data being collected from their facility through the use of custom dashboard development and reporting options.


  Energy Management  

We provide turn-key solutions to support your Energy Management initiatives. Our goal is to assist you with identifying your specific energy usage data, promote continuous commissioning and implement energy savings measures.


  MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)  

Versatech's MES solution allows our clients to interact with a customizable software solution that eliminates paper trails and helps visualize and improve OEE, Machine Utilization, Scrap Percentage, and machine downtime.


  Data Analysis  

Versatech offers data analysis expertise to help companies review the data being collected and provide continuous improvement opportunities through easy to read charts and reports.


  Data Integration  

Versatech can gather data from your production floor and integrate the required information into your existing database structure.


  Project Management  

Versatech offers turn-key solutions for their customers. We offer Project Management services, ensuring timely and cost effective implementation of our Data Solutions projects.