Congratulations Scott Wehrle and Travis McCammon on Five Years of Service to Versatech!


Versatech has two new five-year service employees, Travis McCammon and Scott Wehrle!

Scott (picture above on the left), is a CNC Machinist for Versatech.  Scott bring an awesome sense of humor and a great work ethic to his job every day! Thank you, Scott, for making us laugh and providing great products for our customers!

Travis (picture above on the right), is a Program Manager for our Automation products and services.  Travis brings a wealth of automation and engineering expertise to his work, and his creative approach to his clients' needs makes him a valuable asset to Versatech.  Thank you, Travis, for providing valuable engineering solutions to address our clients' greatest needs! 

Versatech is proud to celebrate its employees' accomplishments and service.  Without them, we wouldn't be the company we are!